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  • How Fragrance Affects Your Mood | Using Candles to Raise Your Vibrations

    Perfume, candles, essential oils, wax melts, incense, room sprays, fabric deodourisers - the list of scent-enhancing products available is truly endless, and many of these things have been used for centuries.
    But why is it that we recreate the smells of our favourite things in so many ways?

    It’s simple really - nice smells make us feel good.

  • How LightSeed Crystal Candles were created via Inner Guidance

    You're used to following daily routines both at home and work but occasionally your intuition kicks in so strongly to guide you in a different direction, have you ever experinced ideas and inspiration drop in as if from no where then gradually grown until it has led to a life-changing decision?  If you've experienced this you'll know that decision - while possibly daunting and taking a huge leap of faith at the time - usualy changes our lives into one of fulfilment instead of plodding along in a monotonous routine day after day.