How LightSeed Crystal Candles were created via Inner Guidance

You're used to following daily routines both at home and work but occasionally your intuition kicks in so strongly to guide you in a different direction, have you ever experinced ideas and inspiration drop in as if from no where then gradually grown until it has led to a life-changing decision?  If you've experienced this you'll know that decision - while possibly daunting and taking a huge leap of faith at the time - usualy changes our lives into one of fulfilment instead of plodding along in a monotonous routine day after day.

Particuarly since the pandemic broke out in 2020, the need to break free from our regular jobs has become a reality for many of us although not always by choice.  For some, it gave the welcome chance to take their lives in another direction.  But how do we know what path to follow and whether our intuition to step outside of our comfort zone will be fullfilling?

Light Seed was created from intuition

As an example, Light Seed was created after following my intuition.  After dreams about candles and crystals during lockdown April 2020 led me to follow my intuition and embrace a new journey.   The energy to create them was so strong that over the months that it took to channel their concepts and learn how to craft them I’d get such strong energetic tingles!   It’s this excitement that gave me the confidence to end my career as a hairdresser & completely step in and focus on Light Seed full time.

With a love of crystal gems and a connection with spirit from an early age, I wanted to honour this inner guidance and follow this calling, I starting creating unique handcrafted natural soy wax candles embedded with crystals and decorated with gold leaf.  I wanted to make the best products for my customers and provide outstanding service.  The crystals are ethcialy scourced, our premium fragrance and essential oil blends are phytalate free and pet friendly and the natural soy wax is renewable, biodegradeable and parafin free.  Hand-poured and carefully crafted over 2 days, each natural soy wax candle is unique and packaged in Light Seed's signature tissue papaer and custom gift box along with affirmation and candle care card.

Use your sixth sense to change your life

Tap into your inuition - or sixth sense - and be guided by your inner voice.  It's always there to warn you by giving you signals but just as importantly to reassure you of a positive path to follow.  It links your conscious to your subconscious and, when you listen to it will help you achieve your full potential.  

Whether you're stuck in an unhealthy relationship or are beind drained in an unsatisfying job, if you listen to your intuition it will set you on a new path to contentment.   

Take note of the knots in your stomach, feelings of excitement or a nagging curiosity.  Push away all external influences and tune into what your heart and soul is trying to tell you.  This is my go to way of tuning into this inner guidance.. Breathe in slowly and deeply, lighting a candle assists to quieten any resistance and signals your body to relax,  allow your mind to daydream, allow your thoughts to come and go as they present, don't attach yourself simply observe and acknowledge, this is actualy a form of mediation and its benefit is that it happens very naturaly you'll quickly find yourself switching off to the distacions of the outer world.  Write down notes, as ideas come to you and pay attention to your dreams.  It's when our minds are still that we create space and raise our vibration for this guidance to appear, when our minds are go- go- go we are in a hectic energy and our frequency is too disconnected to observe the insights.  Your body is able to decipher  when messages are from divine source, you'll experince a stillness and a strong 'knowing' that it is right and maybe even a strong sensation of tingles or vibrating energy thru out your entire body.

Trust your intuition - it will let you know when it's time to step off your normal path and walk a new road to fulfilment.



Much love & light with scented high vibes,

Kaylene x