How to work with your Light Seed

Ease yourself into a calm state of being with our hand-poured, ethically sourced crystal candles.

With fragrance blends unique to LightSeed, these high-vibrational candles have been lovingly poured, each candle in alignment with the energy of its carefully selected crystals, and the intention set.

Mesmerising candles created with you in mind.

Hey, I’m Kaylene - head of candle-pouring, crystal-selecting, product-packaging, and vibration-raising.

Knowing the clarity, connection and cleansing benefits that can be achieved through intentional use of crystals, a clairvoyant dream came to me in 2020, and I knew I needed to share this magic with others.
I carefully select crystals, fragrance blends and names for these unique and ethical candles, before hand-pouring them in my studio at Waikuku Beach.
When you order from LightSeed, your candle is selected just for you and cleansed in the studio before being lovingly packaged and shipped off to your doorstep.
Each LightSeed candle includes affirmation cards to assist you in releasing, calling in and clearing if needed.

Check out my guide to Intention Setting. Should you need further support in using your candle, you can email me.


Use your LightSeed Candle to:

Invoke Warmth & Love
Enhance Memories & Connections
Ease Stress & Release Tears
Cleanse and Clear
Support Others Facing Times of Grief & Sadness
Acknowledge Blessings & Gratitude


For more information, have a read of our FAQs.