How Fragrance Affects Your Mood | Using Candles to Raise Your Vibrations

Perfume, candles, essential oils, wax melts, incense, room sprays, fabric deodorisers - the list of scent-enhancing products available is truly endless, and many of these things have been used for centuries.

But why is it that we recreate the smells of our favourite things in so many ways?

It’s simple really - nice smells make us feel good.

LightSeed Fragranced Crystal Intention Candle NZ

The Olfactory System

Olfacto-what now?

Inside your head, underneath all that incredible skin, there are a bunch of pretty impressive systems that work together to help you experience life the way you do. Right on the front of that beautiful face of yours is a nose. Inside that nose is a wee system called your olfactory system.
Little receptors inside your nasal cavities send messages up to the olfactory lobe in your brain - so when you sniff those lovely smells, your brain recognises and remembers them.
So, next time you’re walking through the shops, smell something vaguely familiar and are instantly transported back in time, you know to say thanks to your olfactory system.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Speaking of that scent-memory link - this plays a huge part in why we use fragrance in our daily lives. The positive memories often invoked by certain fragrances can lift our moods, relax us, or enhance sensuality.

Even when you’re not consciously aware of it, the fragrance you love may be intrinsically linked to a positive memory - so when you smell it, your mood is lifted and those positive endorphins are released.
The same, however, applies to negative or traumatic memories. Sometimes the smallest whiff of something can trigger past traumas, adversely affecting your mood and state of being.
Meditation and intention setting are excellent tools for overcoming these types of triggers. You might already be aware of a particular scent which immediately ruins your day, or turns you sour - in this case, you can actively avoid such fragrances.


Bunch of fragrant lavender in two hands

Lift Your Mood With Fragrance

You're probably familiar with some of these commonly used fragrances, but do you know why they’re so popular?
Here are a few widely used fragrances that bring calm and positivity into your life:

  • Lavender is widely recognised for its calming and soothing benefits. Regularly found in bath products and diffusers, and sleep-related products. Known to ease tension and slow racing thoughts, lavender is often used in herbal remedies for anxiety - and it’s a favourite for bees, too, so one to keep in the garden!

  • Jasmine is a delicately sweet floral fragrance, known to boost your mood and enhance positivity. These pretty little white flowers are often used in perfumes and moisturisers. We’ve used a blend of Jasmine, Clary Sage and White Lime in our uplifting and enlightening Awaken candle, a firm favourite in the LightSeed range.

  • Citrus is known for its fresh, motivating and optimistic vibe. While Jasmine is a more feminine scent, citrus tones are often found in mens aftershaves and colognes. We love the cheerful energy that comes from Citrus, and have used these fragrances in a couple of our candles. Try Blessings for feelings of encouragement, optimism and self-assurance!

  • Rose is a more traditional scent that’s used widely. From fragrances to cooking and baking, the sweet and refreshing smell of roses have been a firm favourite around the world for a long time. Our Love candle blends rose with sugar plum and tonka bean. Paired with powerful clear and rose quartz crystals, this is a candle that truly awakens your sensuality!

  • Vanilla. Humble, sweet, and delicious. Vanilla is one of the most commonly used fragrances across the board, regularly used as a base note for everything from cleaning products to perfumes and everything in between. It has properties that calm, relax, and bring happiness - you’ll find it in our powerful Embraced LightSeed. This is a candle that stabilises your emotions and releases stress - it’s one of our favourites.



LightSeed Embraced Candle Lit With Healing Crystals And Book


Whether you’re feeling down or needing a boost of motivation, or just wanting to smell good, fragrance can play a huge part in your moods and day-to-day life.
Should you wish to raise the vibration and mood in your home or workspace, scented candles are the ideal solution. With many fragrances available to choose, you can easily uplift your mood and up the ambience in your space with a beautiful candle.

LightSeed Candles have been uniquely and carefully blended for these purposes, and are designed to help you set the intention for the energies in your home at any time you need. The combination of these specially selected fragrances with the energy of healing crystals makes our candles a particularly powerful way to utilise the benefits of fragrance!