How to Awaken Your Inner Witch This Halloween!

More than costumes and candy: Lets talk amplified spirit connection, ritual protection and spooky stuff!!

I love this time of year, our youngest becomes so excited about the chance to dress up and collect treats from our neighbours and friends.
Houses in the neighbourhood - including ours - are decorated to make it fun and creepy.
Whatever your stance on Halloween, it's important to highlight that there are more layers to the intrigue of this spooky event.
While it's been massively commercialised over the years, the roots of Halloween run deep - it's about much more than costumes and lollies.

Halloween is also known as All Hallows Eve in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks the beginning of Samhain (pronounced "Sah-win").
Samhain was a Pagan ceremony celebrated by the Celts - some of their traditions are still practiced today.  I'll share some of their rituals later in the blog.

Hold On To Your Amethysts: The true spooky realm in NZ is April!  

Wait, what?
You see, in the Northern hemisphere the veil between the spiritual world and earthly plane is at its thinnest around Halloween; meaning the dimensions between the earth and spirit realm overlap.
This makes connection with the 'other side' easier than any other time of the year!

Here in New Zealand, Samhain is actually on the 30th of April. It marks the darkest half of the year.  During the shortest days and longest of nights, it's a poignant time to reflect and honour those who have passed, release what is no longer serving us and set new intentions.

In comparison to American traditions, Halloween is quite different here in NZ and Aussie. The difference in hemisphere means going Trick or Treating isn't as spooky for the kids because the sun is still up until late well into the evening, but hey, it's still fun... and warmer!

What's a thin veil and... what does it even mean?

The term veil describes the intangible layer that keeps us seperate from the spirit world. Life's supposed to be a mystery.
If there wasn't a separation we'd have access to all the powers that lay beyond. We are here to learn from our journey during our life time here on earth not have the answers constantly on hand. 

You may have crossed the veil...

If you've ever connected with the other side then you've crossed the veil!  

I talk about my personal experience of seeing this magical unearthly veil of energy in the book This I Know Is True.

close up of face of black cat

Protect yourself when connecting with the spiritual realm.

"Spirit Insight, Spirit Around, Spirit Within, Spirit Surround"

Always ask for protection, you can never be too sure of who might come through, and just like here on earth there are some tricksters out there.
What I'm meaning here is you may ask to connect to your Nana, and some other random could come through and pretend they are your Nan. Not ideal, but it happens!

You never want dark energies to come through - and if they do, you need to banish them before they become trouble makers! Calling in protection will help ensure only high vibrations come through.

Always ask your spirit guides to protect you in a shield/bubble of white light and ask that only those that serve your highest good may come through.  

If you ever feel scared or unsure of anything connect with Archangel Michael. 
Call him forward by saying "Archangel Michael, I call on you to protect me with your divine light and shield me from any harm."

Leave offerings out for the spirits to bless you.
I love to make food that I enjoyed eating with my nana, it helps me feel connected to her. I remember the way she prepared certain foods, the way she added a pinch of salt to her oats and then a little cream and brown sugar on top, the way she folded the flour gently into her cakes, the way she prepared cups of tea.
These were her rituals and I use them myself they keep her close to me.

Are Halloween and Sahmain the same?

You might be wondering if Halloween and Sahmain are the same. The answer is both yes and no.
Because Sahwin has Celtic heritage, it seems right to acknowledge it at the same time as the Northern Hemisphere - but in fact the easiest time for us Southerners to connect will be the end of April early May.

Either way, I think Halloween is a magical time to practice rituals and honour ancestors, release set backs and disappointments, and reset with positive intentions.



tarot cards crystals a candle and some white sage


 Ideas for your Halloween Rituals:

  • Write a letter to a passed love one on a piece of paper, roll it up and carefully set fire to it (it's best to do this outside with a fireproof bowl). As the flames burn the paper, your message is released.

  • You can write intentions for change, release what has not served you in the same manner as above.  

  • Leave offerings at the front door to keep unwanted spirits at bay and to show respect for the dead. Rosemary, salt, cinnamon, and bay leaves are good options.

  • Light your LightSeed Candles to emit high energy and help honour the darkness that is part of the cycle of life.  

  • Crystals such as Amethyst and Black Tourmaline can be placed by your door to deflect and transform negative energy during the thinning of the veil. Protect & Clear does it all with her protective energies and affirmations.

  • Cook your loved ones favourite meal, set a table setting and light a candle in their honour.

  • Meditate and connect with your spirit guides and loved ones in heaven.

Have fun this spooky season, it's a great time to reconnect with your inner child and take a walk on the witchy side.

Kaylene x