More Than A Pretty Stone - Crystals, Explored

More Than A Pretty Stone - The Power of Healing Crystals

Healing crystals. The pretty little stones you find in your jewelery, or displayed on a shelf in a range of shapes and colours - these gorgeous products of the earth have become increasingly popular in recent years as fashion and decor items, but their history goes back further than you might realise.
Crystals have been used for thousands of years due to their powerful energies - read on to explore how to make the most of your gorgeous stones.



The Power of the Earth

Most of us are aware that many, many moons ago (and I mean MANY), the earth we know was nothing but a white-hot ball of molten lava.

As centuries passed, outer layers cooled and hardened, creating the crust of our earth. Skipping half of your science/geography class here, I’ll get to the point: these changes in temperature deep within the earth created the gorgeous stones we so love to adorn ourselves, and our homes with.

Various minerals found within the earth are absorbed in the creation of these crystals, giving rise to the many different shapes and colours.

These crystals hold energy from deep within our world, and though formant, carry this invisible force - hence being widely recognised as bridges, connecting you to the deeper workings of the universe.

Raise That Vibration

While the “good vibes club” has taken off through social media, we’re serious when we talk about raising your vibration. These incredible stones carry an invisible but intense vibrational energy, known as the piezoelectric effect.

Here’s a little test for you: pick up your favourite crystal, and squeeze it as tight as you can. Notice it starts to warm up - you’ve applied force which has awakened the stones electromagnetic force! Wooo! Now as you put it down, naturally it will cool again. This motion is how quartz watches work - ticking away using power from their own little force.


Recognised for over six thousand years

From Babylon, to Egypt, to Greece, Rome and India - these powerful stones have held importance in many cultures for a long, long time. Used for manifestation, health, healing and protection, crystals may be on trend currently, but they’re certainly not new or a fad!

Caring for your Crystal Collection

Whether you’re new to the world of crystals or an avid collector, there are some basics you’ll need to understand in order to enjoy your stones to their full potential. 

Some stones chip or scratch easily, others can’t get wet, some are self-cleansing - so where to start?

Fortunately, we have the internet at our fingertips, so you can quickly search for useful information, but be sure to research thoroughly instead of soaking up all of the information from the first link you find.

I’ll cover some of the basics for crystals commonly found here in New Zealand:

  • Keep them dry: Selenite, Lepidolite, Azurite, Tourmaline, Malachite, Calcite, Angelite, Halite (Rock Salt), Celestite, Fluorite, Rhodocrosite and Ammolite
  • Use these for charging/cleansing: Selenite, Kyanite, Citrine
  • Keep stones wrapped in a satin cloth when not on display to avoid scratching
  • Dust display crystals with a soft brush

Wait…what do you mean, ‘cleansing’?!

Since these incredible pieces of earth have such a connection to the vibrations, many believe they can not only harness but also carry energy.

That said, it's not always positive energy your crystals will hold. For maximum manifestation and healing potential, crystals need to be cleansed - upon purchasing, recieving as a gift, and after use such as being worn or set in a grid.

There are many ways to do this - some include intricate rituals, while other ways are very simple. Our suggestions are:

  • Place outside (covered) under a full moon
  • Hold under running water (if the crystal is H2O friendly) - natural is best, but a tap will still work
  • Use white sage, incense or Palo Santo to smudge cleanse your crystals
  • Bury under the ground on a clear night
  • Run your crystal very quickly through a candle flame
  • Smudging

 At LightSeed, all crystal pieces, whether standalone or added to one of our intention candles, are cleansed before leaving the studio to essentially reset them and leave them ready to harness your energy and manifestations. While your crystals are in your Light Seed candle you won't need to cleanse them as the the flame of the candle will be doing this as will your positive intentions. 


All in all, it's no surprise crystals have increased in popularity in recent times. Whether you're using them actively or just as decorations, it's important to realise that they are indeed more than just a pretty stone, and have incredible abilities when in the right hands.

Note - using crystals should never replace medical advice, rather as an addition to any care instructions given by medical professionals.