Sympathy and Condolence Gifts: Show Your Support in Thoughtful and Unique Ways

Offering sympathy and condolences to someone who is grieving can be a difficult task. It can be hard to know what to say or do, and you may worry about saying the wrong thing or making the person feel worse. When you want to show you truly care, and hopefully provide that with a gift that can be useful or at least make them smile.

Spending time with someone in grief can offer a lot of support, & the right type of gift can also assist in bringing comfort. If you can't be with your friend, a heartfelt gift is a beautiful reminder that symbolizes your support. When you send a gift, attaching a note or card is really important, just simply saying "sorry for your loss" or "you're in my thoughts" or include a fond memory you have of the person that passed away.

If you live nearby, you might drop off a meal, doing this offers the added contact to chat & reminisce. Having family & friends take turns spending the night & sleeping over is also a beautiful act of love and assists the mourning period & support, but for some people they may not want to be surrounded by others. Support & kindness always provide the greatest ways to heal & offer comfort.

Flowers are always a beautiful way to show you care, or if you prefer something that lasts longer then there's a beautiful rose named Loving Memory & it can be found at your local nursery.

A donation to an organization that was important to the deceased person of the family can be a practical gift. A gift voucher for house cleaning is something that would help take some of the load off.

A gift of a candle is a symbol of remembrance and connection, Lightseed Cherished In Loving Memory Candle has a comforting scent of Daphne, Green Aromatics with subtle strawberry hues. Embedded into the surface of this unique candle are Rose Quartz & Moonstone Crystals to assist in times of grief & sadness. Cherished also comes with a meditation to assist with remembrance & connection.

Feedback from receivers of Cherished have expressed how this made a very unique, thoughtful, & useful gift that provides comfort. If you need any extra assistance with choosing a gift from Light Seed, just send us a message. We include personal notes & direct postage on your behalf.