Collection: Altar of Love Elegance

Brand new, the limited edition Altar of Love Candles are exceptionally beautiful.  

This is an evolving line for Light Seed, it’s designed to offer you vintage elegance & charm for your choice of crystal infused candle. 
Colour, vessel style & sizes are very limited and will change, depending on what catches Kaylene’s eye, the Altar of Love candle will always be extraordinarily beautiful.

Photos display current vessels

Altar of Love Collection features the signature Light Seed elements of gold leaf gilding, crystals and unique fragrances poured into Elegant Vintage Styled cut glass vessels with a tapered lid.

Altar of Love Candles are made in honour of your spiritual awareness of oneness & connection.  

You might like to create a sacred space for your candle, it’s not tricky, it can be anywhere in the house you naturally gravitate towards. Place your candle here & come to this spot to reflect, meditate, pull a card, or to be present. 
(remember to always follow candle safety)

Presented in custom packaging, each candle is carefully wrapped in a Light Seed tissue and package with recycled Kraft paper, and protective crinkle paper, and sharing safe arrival to your door. These decisions can be re-purposed as gorgeous bonbonerie for treats and trinkets.

Colours & vessel style & sizes are limited and will be subject to change depending on availability.

Photos will display current availability. 

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