This isn't just any candle!

Here at LightSeed we are passionate about creating the most beautiful high vibe fragrant ambience!  Every candle is designed with you in mind.

A candle with crystal energies, affirmations, 24k gold leaf & the most incredible fragranant oils of florals, herbs & erthy woody resins.

Each LightSeed candle includes affirmation cards to assist you in releasing, calling in and clearing if needed.

Our candles are high vibrational!

Our Candles are designed to fill your space with mesmerising scents.  Each candles fragrance has been carefully aligned with not only its crystals but also each candles namesake.

The signature blends have been aligned to match the vibration of the crystal energy and intention inside of every candle

You bring them to life by simply lighting each of the two wicks & casting your gaze across the flickering flames.  Now relax as you ease into a calm state of being.   Ahhh... &  breath in the divine fragrances.

What made LightSeed add crystals?

Crystals bring enegetic properties & healing qualities, they are a magical way to calm , connect & relax.  They have. been carefully and thoughtfully placed in our candles to combine their properties with the power of fragrance and intention. 

If you pop over to our blog you will hear more about this but long story short Kaylene (founder of LightSeed) from the age of 14 was captivated by crystal gems & has had them by her side ever since.   When she recieved a clairvoyant dream during lockdown in 2020 about crystals and candles she fully steped in & embraced this wonderful LightSeed journey.

So whats the purpose of these candles?

The purpose is to invoke quiet moments of nurturing stillness.  A space for you to enter time and time again.  A beautiful ritual where you are called to relax, release, to  protect & clear &  surrendor your worries away.  This is a time for you to connect with your inner self, to lean into your wisdom and heighten your intuition, it is when we still our busy minds that we allow space for the insights or snippets of aha moments to drop in.

A little bit more about our candles & ingredients.

Our crystals are ethically scoursed and we select them by hand from our local supplier.  We use premium fragrance oils blended with essential oils that are pet friendly & phytlate free.  No toxins here ever!

Our incredible fragrance blends are unique to LightSeed - you can't find them anywhere else.

Our natural soy wax is biodegradable, renewable, free from any pesticides, herbicides ,cheap parafins or additives.  Our candles will burn long & slow for many hours of enjoyment.

Our candles are made with alot of love! 

It's a 15 step process over a two days,  all made by hand in our studio here in Waikuku Beach. After the wax has been handpoured  3 crystals are carefuly placed into the wax and left to sit proudly embedded amongst the perfectly set creamy wax.

We then carefully and artistically apply 24k gold leaf..

Why add gold leaf?  Because it's another layer of beauty - the way  the gold leaf floats across the surface when lit & the gorgeous way the gold is reflected and appears to dance as shadows from the flame lilck the sides of the glossy black glass vessel.

Understated beautiful styling with a generous touch of wow! 

The candles are then left to cure for 7 days before we carefully apply the labels by hand & wrap each one in our signature tissue & place in beautiful custom gold foil gift boxes with their corrosponding affirmations and candle care.

Our candles are LARGE!

At .800grams in weight, 10.5cm high & 9.5cm wide our candles provide over 60 hours of burn time.  We add two cotton wicks to deliver a generous scent throw.

Anything else?

Yep!  We cleanse our Crystals and candles prior to them leaving our studio. To cleanse we use light and sound energy & space is held as the intention is set for the highest good of the receiver. 

An Affirmation and candle care card is included in every box.  Affirmations are unique to LightSeed,

Are LightSeeds part of a self care ritual?  YES it's time to honor you.

Self care is incredibly important, its natural to want to get as much as possible ticked off your endless to do list each day.  

But you know that you matter too,  & if your cups left near empty things can become shitty pretty quickly.  

I wanted to create a candle for you to sit with.

To invoke warmth & love.

To enhance memories & connections.To assist ease stress and release tears. 

To cleanse and clear.

To give support to those that are facing times of grief & sadness. 

To acknowledge your blessings & gratitude. 

You are the reason LightSeed Candles are here!

If your intriqued by the wonders & mysteries of the universe light yourself a LightSeed they have been crafted for you!

When you purchase a candle from us your igniting your own your personal ritual of self care and connection and in this busy world what could be better than that! #lightseedritual

Thank you for supporting a small NZ owned business, it means alot and your the reason why we are here!  

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Kaylene Parkinson - Creator & Founder of LightSeed.